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A crisis can impact an organisation at any time and in the most unexpected of ways.

Responses to organisational crises are often shaped by in-house directives yet, in times of stress, organisations are often unable to exercise the clarity, objectivity, and effective communication required to achieve a timely resolution.  

Wolff and d’Orsay can act as a sounding board to quickly develop an objective conception of a problem (and any prospective solutions under consideration) to assess risk and avert potential missteps in communication.

We will work with you to craft early and composed solutions to public relations & communication issues, and to assist in the sensitive work of marshalling of stakeholders to achieve resolution.

We’re available to discuss any matter in confidence, and our experience guarantees both sensitivity and expediency.

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A lost battle is a battle one thinks one has lost.
 - Jean-Paul Sartre
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Crisis Consulting